Three Year Blogoversary

It’s been three years of blogging about my favorite leather tanks. I’ve been through two classes, three races, five guilds, and six realms in that time. I guess I’m a blog veteran now. The last year has been one of stability and growth for Sunnier’s Art of War. I think I can blame all that growth on Icy-Veins and my friends and readers who have graciously plugged me and my blog.

As my tradition goes, here are some interesting stats (for previous years’ stats, visit the two year anniversary and the one year anniversary).

Banner Changes

2014 – The Full Brewmaster Period

2013 – The Confused Brew/Bear Period

2012 – The Classy Bear Period

2011 – The Baby Blog Period

Most Popular Pages

  1. Brewmaster Guide
  2. Quick and Dirty Tanking Guide for SoO
  3. Brewmaster Weak Auras
  4. Quick and Dirty Tanking Guide for ToT

Most Popular Referral Sources

  1. Icy Veins
  2. MMO-Champion
  3. Wowhead
  4. Elitist Jerks

Most Popular Search Terms

  1. Variations of “Sunnier’s Art of War”
  2. “Brewmaster Weakauras”
  3. “brewmaster leveling guide”
  4. “throne of thunder tank guide”
  5. “brewmaster aoe rotation”

Visitor Browsers

IE versions graph
Thank goodness most of you IE users have migrated from IE8.

Visitor Operating Systems

Visitor Countries

Pageview Growth

Over the last two years (since I plugged in Google Analytics)

Then and Now

Sunnier throughout the years

Sunnier in 2012

Sunnier in 2013

Sunnier in 2014

Twitter Followers

March 2012: 286
March 2013: 555
March 2012: 1037

Number of Youtube Channel Views

I have done almost nothing with my Youtube in the last year, so I’m actually surprised this number went up. I am hoping to do more channel stuff in the future though.

March 2012: 25,000
March 2013: 58,042
March 2013: 70,149

Number of Youtube Subscribers

March 2012: 39
March 2013: 109
March 2013: 185

Number of Email Threads

Nowadays, I’m actually surprised to wake up in the morning to no new Brewmaster questions in my inbox.

March 2011 – March 2012: 32
April 2012 – March 2013: 70
April 2013 – March 2014: 250