Six Year Blogoversary!

Wow, I’ve been doing this a long time. The big events this year were Legion beta, Legion release, and all the new raids and guides that come with that. It’s been a big year for this site. I’m particularly proud of how far my guides have come. My raid guides have more polish, my class guides are more streamlined. I’m happy with the microblog series, giving me an opportunity to blog without the overhead of a polished opinion. Where this time last year I was feeling like I was failing the blog, now it feels like it’s thriving!

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Three Year Blogoversary

It’s been three years of blogging about my favorite leather tanks. I’ve been through two classes, three races, five guilds, and six realms in that time. I guess I’m a blog veteran now. The last year has been one of stability and growth for Sunnier’s Art of War. I think I can blame all that growth on Icy-Veins and my friends and readers who have graciously plugged me and my blog.

As my tradition goes, here are some interesting stats (for previous years’ stats, visit the two year anniversary and the one year anniversary).

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Two Year Blogoversary

On March 2, 2011, I published my first blog post to “A Sunnier Bear”, which makes this close to my two year blogging anniversary.

My goal when starting this blog was to write timely boss guides for tanks. That goal has sort of fallen by the wayside because this recent tier was so huge and my progression has been unstable and not exactly where I want it to be anyway. Instead, I spent the last year writing about topics that interest me, like Brewmasters and active mitigation.

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A Sunnier Bear One Year Anniversary

On March 2, 2011, I posted my first blog post. I originally started this blog because I could never find any tank-centric encounter guides. It seemed like every guide I could find on the web was written by a healer and couldn’t tell me where to stand or when to taunt. So I decided to take it upon myself and write some tank-specific guides myself, starting with my very first post, Bear vs. Heroic Magmaw.

A Sunnier Bear was my third attempt at blogging. The very first, Hullo Bear, was mostly an experimental visual documentation of Sunnier’s leveling through Cataclysm.

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