Five Year Blogoversary!

Five years ago today, a talented young bear tank posted the first thing to her brand new blog: A Sunnier Bear. It was a guide to heroic Magmaw 25. It was really an excuse to get views on her kill video.

Eventually that blog morphed into Sunnier’s Art of War and that talented young bear tank morphed into a less-talented, less-young brewmaster.

Five years in Review

I made a chart to show this blog’s varying topics throughout the years.

five years in review

I used to write a lot more. I also used to have cognitive energy to spare. That one spike was my 30 days of blogging project, so it’s actually much higher than shown. And then there’s a year-long lull a little after Warlords came out because my spirit got crushed by all the questions about secondary stats from strangers.

Year 5 in Review

In the past, I used to list my most popular posts. But in the last year, my quick and dirty guides totally swept the field by an order of magnitude, so the list would be pretty boring.

Let’s start at the top!

I was a dwarf for a few months.

A Sunnier Dwarf

I came up with clever titles: When We Have Shuffled off this Mortal Coil, Great Exploding Orbs of Chi, Healing by Shear Force

I wrote about Brewmaster Fantasy

Brewmaster Fantasy

I experimented with Lazy Tank Mythic Guides but no one read them. I used to have really good timing with my mythic guides.

I contributed to the community conversation on cookie cutter guides.

Guide Writing and Cookie Cutter Builds

I made a lot of guesses about Vengeance Demon Hunters

Categorizing Vengeance Talents and Traits

Healing by Shear Force: Another Vengeance Update

I moved to the WordPress platform (because it’s easy).

I became a co-host for TankCast and did some writing about the topics.

Tank and Healer Goals for Legion

Evaluating Tank Performance