Six Year Blogoversary!

Wow, I’ve been doing this a long time. The big events this year were Legion beta, Legion release, and all the new raids and guides that come with that. It’s been a big year for this site. I’m particularly proud of how far my guides have come. My raid guides have more polish, my class guides are more streamlined. I’m happy with the microblog series, giving me an opportunity to blog without the overhead of a polished opinion. Where this time last year I was feeling like I was failing the blog, now it feels like it’s thriving!

Year 6 in Review

Complained about talent tomes (while on vacation in Maui, even)

On Talent Restrictions, Social Friction, and Cookie Cutter Builds

Wrote my very first dungeon guide.

Quick Start Legion Dungeon Tanking Guide

Finally decided to stop covering my least favorite topic.

A Sunnier Musing: Stat Apathy

Committed to playing both Brewmaster and Vengeance.

What will I be playing in Legion?

Wrote a bunch of raid guides: Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor

Trial of Valor Tanking Guide

Wrote a thing about the state of Brewmasters that got linked on reddit and tripled my web traffic for a few days.

Legion Brewmaster Retrospective (so far)

Started my microblog series! Words Without Conclusions, Actually Terrible, Time Management, Talents as Identity, Talent Experimentation, Stagger is a Hell of a Drug, Monetization, Underdog, Un-Identity Talents, Talent Choice Equation, Character Inspiration, Skill

Microblog: Words Without Conclusions

Struggled with learning how to play a new class.

Thoughts on My Own Learning

My Experience with Vengeance and Gul’dan

And finally, started documenting my highest priorities.

New Transmog Pages