Thirty Days of Blogging

Starting today, July 7, and probably going to August 6, I’m going to try publishing one post a day. I’m taking a short break from raiding since we’re all done and instead will try to fill that time with blogging (and transmog runs and GW2).

I won’t be doing that 30 days of blogging meme, even though it’s sort of fun, because I want to focus on my own ideas. Many will be fluff blogs, many will be drafts that I need to just bite the bullet and publish. I have 15 posts in my queue right now, plus a bunch of potential beta stuff and Mists retrospectives so I think it’s possible.

I will probably fail on some days. But thirty days sounds like a much cleaner goal than five out of every seven days for a month.

This is sort of a boring post by itself, so here are some screenshots from beta.