5 easy tips for blogging with social anxiety

  1. Worried that a disproportionate number of people are looking at your blog, judging you and everything you hold dear? The solution is to pretend no one reads! It’s easy to avoid analytics and comments, and to never promote your work in popular spaces. If you believe hard enough that no one is watching, it will come true.

  2. Are people trying to talk to you ingame, on twitter, or in comments? Nip their enthusiasm for your content in the bud by giving terse replies! Some helpful suggestions are: “ty!” and “happy to hear it was helpful”. For alternative mediums, ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ will suffice.

  3. Think you might actually have a valuable opinion to share with the developers, but too anxious to tweet them directly? Put it on your blog and hope they stumble across it in the various internet journeys! Hope is the best SEO tool.

  4. Say something you regret in the unforgiving and unforgetting realm of the Internet? Maybe if you mull over it repeatedly for a few days you’ll feel better about it! Do you think people might have responded to the regretful thing? Avoid going to places those people might be! Isolation is the best way to stop saying stupid things.

  5. As a general rule, never go to forums. There are dozens of social interactions just waiting to happen there.