Microblog: Unrealistic Battle for Azeroth Race Plans

With all the new allied races, I’m already imagining what all my alts should be in Battle for Azeroth. It’s all unrealistic for a number of reasons. It costs a lot of money to change races. I don’t think I could actually maintain more than one character Horde-side. I’m going to need to level up new characters to get the heritage transmogs I want. This expansion is likely a year away. Etc etc. At least I can dream.


draenei → void elf

I was resistant to elves. Small skinny human variations usually aren’t my cup of tea in video games and the blood elf animations always felt kinda wimpy to me, like if you put a big sword in their hands they wouldn’t know what to do with it. But I totally fell for the beautiful hair colors and styles. Also, having just seen Thor: Ragnarok, I’m currently in love with Hela’s extreme smokey eye and void elves have that in spades.

So I decided to lean into the wimpy-nature of the blood/void elf. In this case I’m thinking a character that is like the goth version of Cher from Clueless — haughty, privileged, naive, but with a heart of gold wrapped up in fashionable clothes. Maybe she learned martial arts as a way to feel cultured, in the same way a teen in my local (white, wealthy) city might learn yoga, even though she never met a pandaren until after the events of the void party.


pandaren → lightforged

And as for my potential other main in BfA, there was no need to convince me to play this race. The tattoos, the naaru-like metalwork, the giant horns! I wish there were more high rez plate armor that showed off lightforged tattoos and metalwork.

As for story, I’m thinking she’ll be angry all the time, like a good warrior, and maybe not the brightest but at least she’s enthusiastic. She wanted to be a paladin, like her sister (Arielle’s future lightforged paladin, no I have not even run this by him), but didn’t have the patience to wield holy magic properly. Instead, she “borrows” her sister’s paladin armor and yells things like “for the holy justice hammer!!!” when entering battle.

I’ve thought a little bit about swapping the names of my monk (Sunnier) and my warrior (Snowier), since it makes more sense for a lightforged draenei to have the word “sun” associated with her, but we’ll have to see.

Ok those are my potential mains, but what about all the other allied races I want to play! Here’s what I’m thinking for my alts:

Death Knight

draenei → worgen?

With a draenei warrior, having two plate wearing space goats feels like a little too much and I like some diversity in my character roster. I think I’ll change her to worgen. I used to have a worgen DK, and I like their animations quite a bit and female worgen actually look a bit intimidating with those glowing blue eyes.


stay pandaren

Gotta keep a pandaren in there.


tauren → highmountain

My hunter isn’t even 110 yet, but it’s not much of a stretch to envision her as highmountain. She already has a moose pet and favors her moose mounts, so she’s halfway there.


worgen → zandalari?

I haven’t seen the forms yet, but I know I want to try out the new horde druids. Given that my hunter is already looking like a highmountain, I think I might make my current druid a traitor to the Alliance and faction change her.

Fresh Alts to get Heritage Armor

new paladin: lightforged
new rogue or priest: void elf