A Sunnier Void Elf

Ugh, athletics classes. Sunnier had tried all the specialties. As the child of two famous adventurers, she was supposed to be good at swordsmanship (like her holy-light-loving father) or daggers (like her slightly-more-scoundrelly mom), but neither seemed to click. Even the study of the magical arts failed to draw her attention.

So instead she picked the easiest athletics course should could get away with: pandaren martial arts. Pandaren don’t look like masters of swords or daggers, and they totally look like masters of booze and pie. The class would probably be full of lots of relaxing stretches. Easy.

After a grueling hour of balancing on a narrow pole and enduring the endless corrections to her form by the stern pandaren Master Tzu, she decided to ditch the rest of her courses for the day. If she couldn’t figure out how to hold her hand for the perfect Tiger Palm after weeks of practice, what was the point of any of these classes? Some of her friends said there was a cool party going on in Eversong forest. Or maybe not in Eversong forest, but the door was in Eversong forest? Whatever, it sounded better than arcane class.

She found the portal right where the rumors placed it, on the top of a lonely tower. Word was some weirdos had been living there, though the only signs of them now were piles of old books on magic. She thought were were here to skip arcane class, not see it in practice.

On the other side of the portal she found a dark, black and purple landscape of just rocks. Great place for a party! Just have to find it. However, before she got too far along, Sunnier heard a sinister voice. It sounded like it came from all around her, and echoed deep inside her head. Shadow fiends dropped from the darkening sky, followed by a pair of demons wrapped in strips of cloth (or were they even demons, should have studied more in xenology class).

Sunnier bolted back to the portal. By the time she got there, there was a gathering of armored people fighting off the monsters. She glanced at her weaponless hands. Funny, could have sworn her skin before was a light golden and now it was purple? Maybe just the lighting.

It was not just the lighting. Worse, the purple skin wasn’t the only thing that followed her out of the portal. That sinister echoing voice never left her head. All of the elves caught in that mess had fused with the void. That voice grew more persistent with every passing hour.

She was never allowed to return to school, and before long even the city guards blocked her entry. Sunnier would never be welcomed back to Silvermoon, but with the returned heroine Alleria Windrunner, she found an unexpected home with the Alliance.

Mom and Dad made the decision to send Sunnier away to join a cleanup crew on Argus, where people were much more forgiving of various magical afflictions. Cleaning up the last bits of demons on Argus was more interesting than swordsmanship class, at least.