A Sunnier Void Elf

Ugh, athletics classes. Sunnier had tried all the specialties. As the child of two famous adventurers, she was supposed to be good at swordsmanship (like her holy-light-loving father) or daggers (like her slightly-more-scoundrelly mom), but neither seemed to click. Even the study of the magical arts failed to draw her attention.
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A Sunnier Dwarf

I like coming up with backstories for my characters. Especially as a brewmaster, which doesn’t have such a classic fantasy niche as other classes and specializations, I find it interesting to connect such a weird kit with more traditional fantasy races. I also like providing my characters with a basic history and motivation. I don’t really roleplay (unless you count running around Azeroth roleplaying with myself, I guess), but I grow more attached to my character if she has a story.

As a draenei, my monk was a former pacifist priest and alchemist pushed into a vengeance quest by the kidnapping and death of her sister by the Iron Horde. As a night elf (which I never published), my monk led an experimental squad of martial artist sentinels in the assault of the Dark Portal, which ended disastrously, stranding her in the wilderness of Draenor. As another draenei (this one looked different), my monk was a rangari survivalist caught up in the war campaign of strange visitors. And finally, as a dwarf…

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