Tranmogrification Outfits for Druids

My first post on Transmogrification Outfits for Druids can be found here.

In this edition, I picked a weapon I thought looked cool and I tried to build an outfit around it. Unlike the first post, I will try to include matching belts and, if possible, boots as well (night elves are the only druid race who need to care about their feet matching in robes). World of Wardrobes and MogIt are very helpful for stuff like this.

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Transmogrification Outfits for Druids

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The outfit I will wear once tranmogrification is released!


Wait, you’re saying that everyone will be wearing the Thunderheart set? I won’t be a unique and special snowflake like I imagined? How can I fix this?

I have to find something that elegant, but also druidic. It needs to be relatively easy to obtain, but not dull. It cannot, by any means, interact with my worgen’s muzzle, because that makes her look horrible. Worse than wearing white after labor day (is that right? I don’t actually understand fashion).

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Worgen Bear and Cat Colors

Worgen are special. All the other druidic races have logical coloration of their feral forms. White hair? Well you sir get to be a white bear! Brown fur, here’s your brown lion. Green mohawk, green kitty. Logical.

But for worgen…

Black fur? It doesn’t do anything to indicate what color bear you’re going to turn into. Red hair in your human form? What shade of red? Because there are four shades, and sometimes it will make you a gray bear and sometimes it will make you a white bear.

As someone who spends an average of 70 gold a month at the barber shop, I am in an excellent position to document the various natural Gilnean hair colors and how they correspond to the unnatural feral forms. The colors are listed in the order that they appear on the character creator and hair stylist, starting from black.

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