Tranmogrification Outfits for Druids

My first post on Transmogrification Outfits for Druids can be found here.

In this edition, I picked a weapon I thought looked cool and I tried to build an outfit around it. Unlike the first post, I will try to include matching belts and, if possible, boots as well (night elves are the only druid race who need to care about their feet matching in robes). World of Wardrobes and MogIt are very helpful for stuff like this.

Blue Feathers and Leaves

This set feels a bit obvious and it wasn’t too long ago when everyone was wearing Tier 11, but at least now you can make every piece match.

Head: [Stormrider’s Headpiece]
Shoulder: [Stormrider’s Spaulders]
Chest: [Stormrider’s Raiment]
Belt: [Withered Dream Belt]
Gloves: [Stormrider’s Grips]
Weapon: [Brutal Gladiator’s Staff]

Item Comparison Link (click on the little down arrow and click “View in 3D”)

Green Leaves

I never noticed this robe until now, but I absolutely love the fur and bear paws on the rim and side; it’s like you’re a stag-bear-tree. The staff has flowers that bloom in different colors.

Head: [Cenarion Helm]
Shoulder: [Cenarion Spaulders]
Chest: [Ymirjar Physician’s Robe]
Belt: [Ley-Whelphide Belt]
Gloves: [Fallbrush Handgrips]*
Weapon: [Draenic Wildstaff]

*= These gloves are pretty easy to obtain, but there are plenty of other matching options out there, too.

Item Comparison Link (click on the little down arrow and click “View in 3D”)

Purple Glow with Brown

To be honest, I just really wanted to use this dress with this weapon. The staff has a purple glow, as well as the shoulders, but it doesn’t show up well in the model viewer.

Head: [Nordrassil Headdress]
Shoulder: [Nordrassil Feral-Mantle]
Chest: [Big Voodoo Robe]
Belt: [Belt of the Fang]
Gloves: [Nordrassil Handgrips]
Weapon: [Vengeful Gladiator’s Staff]

Item Comparison Link

Golden Wings

This is the closest I’ll probably ever get to a set that illustrates “Sunnier” colors. I tried to find a belt that brought out the turquoise and purple accents on the shoulders, but the one that fit the best is a rare drop off Emalon and therefore difficult to obtain.

Head: [Valorous Nightsong Headguard]
Shoulder: [Stormrider’s Spaulders (H)]
Chest: [Valorous Nightsong Raiments]
Belt: [Belt of the Sleeper]
Boots: [Boots of Hasty Revival] or [Boots of Wintry Endurance]
Gloves: [Valorous Nightsong Handgrips]
Weapon: [Staff of Immaculate Recovery]

Item Comparison Link

Obnoxiously Red

Is there a paladin on your raid team who wears only yellow? Well then here is your fiery counter! These pieces are all leatherworker craftables, random trash drops, or loot from Outland. If you’re also an engineer, everything is soloable; otherwise you might need a raid to get the goggles. There aren’t any gloves that match this set really well, so I just went with a pair that looked cool on their own. Feel free to substitute your favorites.

Head: [Mimiron’s Flight Goggles] ([Hyper-Vision Goggles] for Engineers)
Shoulder: [Bonechewer Shoulderguards]
Chest: [Silvermoon Tunic]
Belt: [Blastguard Belt]
Legs: [Blastguard Pants]
Boots: [Blastguard Boots]
Gloves: [Dandred Gloves]
Weapon: [Hellreaver]

Item Comparison Link