Microblog: External Min-maxing

There’s a lot of work that goes into finding what the best things to do for your character. Get the best relics, get lots of artifact power, get all your stats at the right levels, etc.

Those are all well and good (though I don’t always pay attention to them), but there are other ways outside of the game to achieve the same goal of making me a successful raider.

Spending the same amount of time on this external min-maxing has improved my raiding to a greater degree than if I spent that time grinding mythics for my ideal relics or whatever. Admittedly, this is still a very much in-progress set of goals. I’m not very good at most of these. Maybe once I nail these things, I can start doing the in-game tedious min-maxing stuff too! Continue reading “Microblog: External Min-maxing”

Microblog: A Sunnier Bear Redux

I’ve finally leveled my druid to 110. This is the first time this character has been max level since she was my main back in Cataclysm. Readers who have been around here a long time might remember her.

I’ve resisted playing her for a few expansions because on TankCast we want to cover all the tank classes, and Arielle has druid pretty damn well covered. But those glowy bears and cats were too much for me!
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Microblog: Playstyle and Personality

I do not make plans. My answer to the classic interview question “where do you see yourself in a few years?” is a pause followed by “huh, I never thought about that before. Wherever I end up I guess.” My most distant plan is a trip in September that my friend made me plan a while ago. I would have waited to plan until a month prior if allowed. I got a headache when my boss asked me for yearly goals, since I cannot comprehend what anything will be like in a year, let alone plan for it!

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Microblog: Spirit Bomb and Fracture and Resources

Today I want to talk about these two talents and how I really enjoy what they do to the rotation. They are both alternate resource consumers, acting as a compliment to Soul Cleave. Soul Cleave takes pain and souls and turns that into healing and damage reduction. Fracture is half of that, taking pain and turning that into potential for healing and damage reduction. Spirit Bomb is the other half, taking souls and turning that into actual healing and damage reduction. (And the damage reduction I’m talking about in these cases is Painbringer¬†and Fueled by Pain.)

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