Monk Transmog: Pink Shadow and Summer Flame

These are the two transmog sets I’ve modeled lately. They’re both built around attractive, brightly colored capes and contrasting colors.

Pink Shadow

The focus of the Pink Shadow transmog is the hot pink cloak. Everything else is black or another subdued color and contributes to a simple, ninja-like theme. Most of the items are buyable or obtainable through quests, so unless you’ve already done the quests and threw out the rewards, it’s easy to put together.

Wowhead Preview

Summer Flame

The Summer Flame transmog was inspired by the Fire Festival and the cloaks / tabard you receive from the yearly event. Both the cloak and tabard are a simple blue with yellow accents, which contrasts nicely with orange and red (see: my blog colors).

This set is a combination of faux tier 8 for druids, and heroic tier 15 for monks. That makes it a little bit harder to get all the pieces, but luckily both sets are pretty interchangeable so you can mix and match whatever you have available.

Wowhead Preview