December Community Spotlight

There have been some new blogs and monk resource popping up, and I’d like to help spread the word.

Dark Lady, Watch Over our Brew

This blog sprang up recently, and I love it because the author talks a lot about her personal stuggles with learning to brewmaster and how she overcame them. She has a very friendly and conversational manner, and it’s easy to learn along with her. And we can’t forget all the great transmog screenshots!

Legacy of the Brew

Legacy of the Brew has been around for a few months, and recently Vaylen, the author, has taken up writing monk-specific short stories. I really like this blog because it’s visual and the posts are always interesting (even the ones about shaman!). Vaylen was on the Brewmaster roundtable and he’s always engaging.

Chi Burst Forums

I only became aware of this website a few days ago, and many people are hoping it will become the go-to place for monk conversation. I’m not a huge forum person, so you can’t expect much participation from myself, but I hope other people can join in and contribute.

The Training Dummies

The Training Dummies are a podcast that caters specifically to beginners. I was a guest on their most recent show and gave a Brewmaster 101. It doesn’t have any information that’s not in my guide, but if you’re a verbal learner then I suggest you give it a listen.

Have a new Monk site, blogpost, or resource?

Please let me know in the comments and I’ll do what I can to promote it!