Website Update

If you’re a frequent visitor on my site, you may have noticed that some pages have been moved around. The home page has changed from displaying my latest posts to displaying the Brewmaster Guide, and the posts themselves have moved to The navigation at the top also shows different pages. Also, I (hopefully) fixed some of the layout ugliness that occurs on tablets.

When I first started this blog, the purpose was to display my boss guides, so I created a layout that emphasized my recent blog posts and guides. Over the last year, the purpose has shifted to my Brewmaster guide. My guide is by far the most visited page, and I want to make that information easier to access. Sometimes, removing something as simple as a mouseover+click will help that information spread.

The brewmaster guide is already massive and full of tons of information, and I worried that the information can be hard to follow. I want people to be able to come to my site and find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Many of these visitors are new and don’t know how to navigate the site, so I can’t expect them to click around until they find it.

That makes my blog-readers click an extra time to get to the content. However, I trust them to go through that effort. You guys already know what you’re getting into.

I decided to try this layout because I realized that finding information is difficult if you’re brand new to a community or a game. You’re not sure how to navigate to guides and if those guides have information that’s relevant to you. My front page will cater to those people. I’ve also reorganized the guide so that the information most relevant to new visitors is right at the top.

If any external links are now broken, please let me know.

A couple of my goals

  • Make it easy to someone brand new to Brewmasters and/or the game to find the information they need to get started quickly.
  • Organize information so that beginners don’t feel obligated to dig into advanced stuff before playing the class.
  • Have all information on the first page opening, with no scrolling or unnecessary page changes.
  • Make the guide easier to update behind the scenes.
  • Keep it clean and simple, no unnecessary distractions.
  • Remove unnecessary navigation to other popular pages by changing around the navigation.