Transmog: Mysterious Pilgrim and Ox Assassin

Mysterious Pilgrim

Most of my transmog sets are made when I get bored of my current one so I throw together a bunch of random cool-looking pieces. This one is the exception, mostly. Once I got the belt, I knew I had to make a set inspired by the druid heroic tier 16. Add on top the classic orange monk robe (in my mind at least), and we have a mysterious holy pilgrim!

I really like this set, even though it covers my face and hair (usually big no-nos) because the bright orange is easy to pick out. It sort of grabs your attention. Fire!

Ox Assassin

Ok here’s a mostly random set again. I really wanted to use the Tyrannical Gladiator’s helm. It’s the closest thing we have to a Niuzao-inspired set, plus some rogue lookalike gear.

Bonus Round

I just spent a lot of time getting my GW2 main into shape, and I think she looks pretty cool (for a Chaar in medium armor, the most awkwardly-clothed race in the most awkward armor type).