Lazy Tank’s Guide to Mythic Iskar

[wowheadrename] Are you prepared to discuss the pronunciation of “riposte” with your raid team?

For a verbal version of what one lazy tank and one very busy tank have to say about this boss fight, listen to Episode 29 of TankCast, starting at 07:15.

For a written version, read on.


  • Burst dps on high value adds in phase 2 is valuable; AoE dps is valuable for getting threat but not much else.
  • Some quick movement is helpful but not necessary for positioning Fel Chakram.

The Eye of Anzu

  • Eye of Anzu is an “item” passed around the raid to prevent the effects of some raid abilities. This can be thrown to other people using the Extra Action Button. Tanks will actually have to participate.
  • Tanks will need the eye to dispel Phantasmal Winds and if interrupts are their job in Phase 2.
  • New in Mythic: The boss will occasionally force the current holder of the Eye of Anzu to drop it via Shadow Riposte. You can avoid this by tossing the Eye to someone else during the Riposte cast. If the Eye is knocked out of someone’s hands, you can help by picking it up and holding it until it’s needed elsewhere.

Phase 1 – Ground

  • Phantasmal Winds pushes you toward the edge of the platform, and is dispelled by catching the Eye of Anzu. Throw the Eye to someone else who needs it when you get it during this phase.
  • Tank swap: Fel Chakram will select the targeted tank and two other players. Once selected, quickly run away from the raid and at least 20 yards away from the two other targets before the cast completes.

Phase 2 – Adds

  • New in Mythic: As Iskar flees to the skies, he leaves behind a Phantasmal Radiance add that needs to be tanked and killed quickly.
  • 1st Air Phase: Nothing special, just pick up adds.
  • 2nd Air Phase: A new robot add, the Shadowfel Warden will channel a spell, Fel Conduit, that can only be interrupted by someone holding the Eye of Anzu. If you’re given this job, hold the orb until you need to interrupt, then toss it back to a designated healer.
  • 3rd Air Phase: In addition to the robot, a Fel Raven will spawn. The Fel Raven will debuff the tank with Phantasmal Corruption. This ability is cast at the same time as the Shadowfel Warden’s Fel Conduit, so as long the same tank is controlling both adds and has the Eye in time to interrupt, you don’t need to worry about Phantasmal Corruption.