Brewmaster Patch 5.4 Survival Guide

There are a lot of goodies in this patch, so I’m going to stick with the stuff that affects PvE Brewmasters.

In summary:

  • You’ll be doing less damage, thanks to Vengeance and Keg Smash nerfs.
  • Chi Brew might be worth speccing into, sometimes.
  • Xuen should work better.
  • Rushing Jade Wind has been redesigned. Still your best AoE talent choice.
  • Chi Burst no longer requires a target so you can use it like the old RJW.
  • Some new glyphs, most of which aren’t terribly exciting.
  • A new legendary! Plus changes to the old legendary gems.
  • Our stat priorities will sort of change because we’re reaching ridiculously high levels of crit, and changing tier bonuses.
  • Proving Grounds, which will be the new best way to practice your Brewmastery skills.

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