Heroic Tanking Siege of Orgrimmar: Thok

You can either single tank or two-tank this fight. I’ll cover both scenarios to the best of my knowledge. Single tanking is fun, and useful if you need to increase your raid’s dps to beat the fight, but it is difficult and it requires quick reflexes and defensive play. Two tanking is much more stable, and allows both tanks to play offensively, but you won’t get as much total raid dps.

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The Quick and Dirty Tanking Guide for Siege of Orgrimmar

Here is the information you need to know as a tank for all 14 encounters in Siege of Orgrimmar. I won’t cover the mechanics that don’t concern tanks for simplicity’s sake, so if you’re looking for a raid-wide strategy then sadly this is not the place. (Icy-Veins should cover your needs in that department.) For the most part, this guide should apply to LFR, Flex, and Normal difficulties, and tell you things like when you should taunt and where you should tank stuff.

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Brewmaster Patch 5.4 Survival Guide

There are a lot of goodies in this patch, so I’m going to stick with the stuff that affects PvE Brewmasters.

In summary:

  • You’ll be doing less damage, thanks to Vengeance and Keg Smash nerfs.
  • Chi Brew might be worth speccing into, sometimes.
  • Xuen should work better.
  • Rushing Jade Wind has been redesigned. Still your best AoE talent choice.
  • Chi Burst no longer requires a target so you can use it like the old RJW.
  • Some new glyphs, most of which aren’t terribly exciting.
  • A new legendary! Plus changes to the old legendary gems.
  • Our stat priorities will sort of change because we’re reaching ridiculously high levels of crit, and changing tier bonuses.
  • Proving Grounds, which will be the new best way to practice your Brewmastery skills.

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