Monk Transmogrification

Monks will be a difficult transmog target. Not only do they lack all the fancy tiers that other classes enjoy, but pandaren, with their adorably large, round stomachs, awkwardly stretch some textures out in ways that aren’t exactly expected.

In the real world, monks of almost any flavor dress in simple cloth robes. Unfortunately, our World of Warcraft monks wear leather. Equipment designers also have a tendency to create overly complex designs that completely go against traditional simple monk attire.

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Tranmogrification Outfits for Druids

My first post on Transmogrification Outfits for Druids can be found here.

In this edition, I picked a weapon I thought looked cool and I tried to build an outfit around it. Unlike the first post, I will try to include matching belts and, if possible, boots as well (night elves are the only druid race who need to care about their feet matching in robes). World of Wardrobes and MogIt are very helpful for stuff like this.

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Transmogrification Outfits for Druids

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. The outfit I will wear once tranmogrification is released!


Wait, you’re saying that everyone will be wearing the Thunderheart set? I won’t be a unique and special snowflake like I imagined? How can I fix this?

I have to find something that elegant, but also druidic. It needs to be relatively easy to obtain, but not dull. It cannot, by any means, interact with my worgen’s muzzle, because that makes her look horrible. Worse than wearing white after labor day (is that right? I don’t actually understand fashion).

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How to Make Your Weapon Awesome in 4.3

Feral staves used to have a reputation of being awesome. We had ugly cat and bear forms, so they had to give us something pretty to look at, right? Even if it was just for running around Shattrath.

Then we started sharing staves with hunters, and our options were suddenly less cool. Well, now that the ability to change the appearance of your gear is coming in 4.3, we can go back to the way things were!

Here are, in my opinion, the best options to pick from.

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