Monk Transmog: Gold, Red, and Mixed

Here are some of the new transmog sets I’ve created lately.

Golden Wings (monk style)

Inspired by a druid set I created a long time ago, this version is wearable by monks who are willing to farm Ulduar 10/25, heroic Blackwing Decent 10, and Black Temple. I was able to solo all that was necessary as a SoO-geared brewmaster or windwalker, so it’s not too hard to complete.

I like to use this for my healer set because it goes so well with the healer legendary cloak proc. Also, my secret RP for my draenei monk is that she started out as a priest, and this set looks like something she’d wear.

Lean Red Set

This is similar to one of my favorite druid tiers, tier 8. I particularly like the shoulders because, unlike most shoulders on female pandaren, they actually appear to sit on skin instead of hover two inches above.

This set requires some farming of Uluar 10, 25, and heroic SoO.

Odds and Ends

I threw this set together out of individual pieces of gear I thought looked cool. It miraculously looked okay all together. Many of these pieces come from leatherworkers, so hopefully you have a friendly leatherworker available to you.