An Early Guide to the Will of the Emperor Dance

I am tempted to call this dance The Emperor’s New Groove.

So far, I’ve only had the chance to do this fight on heroic. We never got very far, either. But in an attempt to learn how to do this fight properly once the time comes, I am cataloging what I’ve learned. Of course, this guide will be useful to exactly zero people until MoP releases or they decide to test these bosses again. Oh well. At least Google will have plenty of time to rank this post.

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Upcoming Brewmaster Rotation Changes

Brewmasters have experienced next to no change in the last few weeks, even though we still have some broken systems and our rotation felt oddly…rotational (as opposed to how I think active mitigation is supposed to work, where we use different skills depending on the situation and not just because it’s available and we sort of have to).

However, it seems we won’t be stuck in this rut anymore. Several significant changes are in the works, though we don’t know when we will be able to test them. (I hope it’s soon, and I hope a fix for Keg Smash damage is coming down the tubes as well.)

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Monk Minor Glyphs

With minor glyphs moving toward more cosmetic options, I figured some people out there might want to see what they look like.

I’ve compiled a video of the glyphs that change the look of some of your core spells, and I’ve included pictures in this post as well. I didn’t do all the minor glyphs — just the ones that aren’t super obvious. The video itself is pretty short (honestly, I got bored of making it), but I’ll probably remake it once all monkilicious things are set in stone.

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New Female Pandaren Customization

For too long, lady pandaren have been forced into a very strict fashion trend. We all tied our red or black hair into pigtails, slapped on some premade gear, and adventured forth as an army of unfortunate clones. It sort of reminded me of middle school, where looking up-to-date and fashionable was incredibly important, but no one really knew how to do it properly so we all just copied each other.

But no more, ladies! With the latest beta update, female pandaren can not only customize their fur color, face, and hair style, but we can also choose from eight vibrant highlights and six styles of earrings.

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Brewmaster Changes, Zen Flight, and More

I primarily log into beta these days to see if pandaren have any more customization options or access to the barber shop (no, not yet), but today was a special build day and I wanted to see if Zen Pilgrimage worked yet (it does). Thankfully, lady pandaren also keep their hair when the UI reloads and that’s pretty cool. Then there were some other things I noticed, but one at a time please!

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Latest Brewmaster Updates Build 15699

There hasn’t been much going on in the Mists of Pandaria world for me lately, thanks to Diablo 3 and my new position at work. However, in the last week there have been two patches with some interesting monkalicious tidbits. I’m going to talk about the best tidbits today.

Most of these changes aren’t very game changing, and most of them are tooltip clarifications of sorts. I’m going to start with the slightly older changes first.

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