[GW2] New Blue, Purple, and Pink Hair Colors for Charr

Recently ArenaNet put some cool hair colors in the cash shop. Charr normally only have access to earth-toned hair so I really wanted to see what blue, pink, and purple hair looked like on my favorite race. Unfortunately, the internet didn’t seem to share my curiosity so I was unable to find images of these unnatural hair colors on Charr.

Luckily, I had some spare gold to satisfy that curiosity for myself and the rest of the world.

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[GW2] Ten Things I Still Have to Do Now That I’m 80

It’s been said that GW2 doesn’t have an endgame, which is true in a traditional sense. I got to level 80 nearly a week ago, and I’ve beaten the final boss (though presumably there will be more in further content patches). I’ve finished my personal quest, so now what? Here are the things I’ve been doing or plan to do:

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Guild Wars 2: How to get to Arah, Complete Orr, and the Conclusion of Your Personal Story

This is the most traditional end game of GW2, and how to actually start it can be unintuitive for players new to the game. It’s very epic and takes some time commitment (it took me three hours, though it could go much longer, and I assume much shorter if you’re lucky).

As a warning, this post may contain spoilers. I’m avoiding any major story points and sticking to strategy, but if you want to be completely surprised then avoid the body of this post. All you really need to know is that you have to unlock the dungeon Arah by completing the Cursed Shore meta event.

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My Favorite GW2 Beta Screenshots

I’m sorry guys. I’ve been waiting for this game for two years, ever since I was lucky enough to find a stray nVidia booth offering a 40 min playthough at PAX, and now it’s little more than a day away. I have to vent my excitement somehow. (I can’t imagine how the people who have been waiting the full five years since it was originally announced are faring.)

So here are my favorite screenshots I took during the many beta weekend events and stress tests. Beware, there are a lot of them.

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How to Be a Raider and Have It All

Everyone knows that you have to marry just one MMO. With subscription fees and time commitment, there’s only room in the average person’s life for one massively multiplayer time sink. No woman or man can have it all. So for those of us who don’t want to be monogamous to our MMOs, we have to be (dun dun dun) casual. Or just really good at managing time.

So what’s a GW2 and WoW lover supposed to do? I can’t be a progression raider in WoW if I’m (shudder) casual, but I can’t become a PvP superstar in GW2 if I spend all my time dying to the disconnect boss in Mogu’shan Vaults.

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Where to find weapons in PvP and other Guild Wars 2 Tips

This is a common question for people new to GW2. I can see why people ask it, as jumping into Guild Wars 2 structured PvP right away can be pretty overwhelming.

So here I’m going to answer the most common questions I see or had myself. If you want the quick answer, just talk to the NPCs with a chalkboard icon above their heads. They actually provide a lot of information.

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A Competitive Failure’s Guild Wars 2 PvP Experience

I am one of those people who is hilariously bad at PvP but for some reason keeps on playing with the hope that they will eventually get better. After much desk pounding and foul language that embarrasses even the most aggressive PvPer, I do get a little better, but it only happens after I scare away all of my teammates.

Now, I love Guild Wars 2. For this second beta event weekend, I spent most of my time participating in rage-inducing structured PvP. I did a little World vs World vs. World, which is sort of like Wintergrasp except 50 times bigger and has three servers fighting each other. That’s not really PvP in the truest sense, because you spend most of your time tearing down walls, but it’s like entry level PvP that doesn’t have high stakes and it’s fun even if you’re losing (unless you’re getting dominated, though once servers get ranked that should be rare).

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Guild Wars 2: An Interesting Relationship with Femininity

The sole reason why I never played the original Guild Wars was the box covers. I was in high school and had one or two friends who played it, but when I saw that every single box cover, including their expansions, portrayed a busty female with very little clothing, I realized that this game was not marketed towards women and that I would not be welcome there.

That realization was probably not 100% correct, but it was enough to keep me from buying. Now that Guild Wars 2 is nearing its release, I’ve been giving the franchise another go. You probably all know by now that I love it, but the game still sends a couple mixed messages regarding women.

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Guild Wars 2: First Impressions Brain Dump

My boyfriend and I planned to spend the entire weekend glued to our computers playing Guild Wars 2, and we did just that. We ordered food, prepared some Arnold Palmer (a few years ago this would have been replaced by energy drinks, but I’m now old enough that energy drinks don’t appeal to me anymore), and did nothing except play GW2 and sleep. We ended the weekend tired and greasy, but eager for launch. I’m pretty excited for this game, more excited than I am for Mist of Pandaria. Even though it lacks end game PvE.

I have a couple of posts planned for delving deeper into the game, but here are my first impressions.

We leveled to 23 and finished most of the available PvE content for charr. We did some organized PvP and a day or so of World vs World vs World (WvW). I played an elementalist and he played a guardian.

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